About Me


Hola soy Esther,

As a formality, I would like to mention I graduated as an architect from Santa Maria la Antigua University in Panama in 2016. I have my credentials, which can be verified in the online records of Architects and Engineers of my country. However, my true passion has always been interior design, so the majority of my career has been dedicated to that field.

I really enjoy working with other women because I feel we connect well through our feminine energy. We have a special way of being creative, thoughtful, and emotional. We can even get emotional over small things, like a picture or a text and I love it.

I grew up in a loving family with two older siblings. On our birthdays, we would invite a few neighbors to celebrate with us and share a sweet treat. On other occasions, the five of us would cook together. Most nights, my mother would tell us stories. These experiences remind me why I love designing homes. It’s not just about my years of studying design principles like space layout, lighting, etc. It’s also about the love I have for homes. The moments we create at home that later become memories we long for. Those deep conversations before bed, watching a family movie on weekends, or preparing breakfast in bed for someone’s special birthday. As a designer, I understand that the purpose of a space is to create wonderful moments and emotions.

I know it can be tough to decide to invest money and energy in designing a space. Sometimes we feel unsure if we’re making the right choices. But at the same time, we can’t stop thinking about making those changes that we really want. The thing is, when we create spaces that are harmonious and beautiful it affects every part of our life, from our emotions to our productivity.

I love helping women create dream spaces in their homes. I make the process easy and safe by personally guiding them every step of the way. I assist them in organizing their ideas and achieving results that perfectly suit their individual needs and preferences.